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5 Tips for an Itchy Beard

5 Tips for an Itchy Beard

Maybe you’ve just started growing your beard, or you’ve been growing that bad boy a while now. Either way, you’ve probably experienced some sort of face itch. 

Sometimes the itch is barely noticeable, but it can also become unbearable and is the most common reason that potential beardsmen give up growing what nature gave them. Although scratching that itch might feel so damn good at the time, constant itching can make your skin feel even more irritated. 



When you first start growing your beard, it’s common to have itchy stubble. When you shave, you leave a sharp edge to each hair follicle and once it starts growing, the tougher bristles of the hair scrape against the edges of the follicle, causing the itch. Remember, this too shall pass.


If you’ve got a full beard and it’s feeling itchy, there could be a few reasons for this.

You could have beard acne, dandruff in your beard (Beardruff) or ingrown hairs… But the chances are, it’s simply caused by dry skin under the beard which usually pops up with a new season or change in weather.

All hair removes moisture from the skin, drawing it up from the surface and onto the hair. Add in a change in temperature or humidity and you’ve got yourself all the ingredients to leave the skin extremely dry or flaky and even cause beard dandruff. Also, dead skin cells that usually get removed by daily face washing or exfoliating get stuck in the hair, and the dirt and oil build-up can cause skin irritation.

Have no fear though -- there are plenty of simple ways to deal with it, starting with your hygiene and cleanliness routines.

Below are some ways to alleviate the itch. 


CLEANSE: Regularly cleanse your face to avoid any dirt and other yuckies getting stuck in the hair. As facial hair is different from the hair on top of your head, regular shampoo isn’t the best option for your beard as it can strip the natural oils from your hair and make it dry. Instead, opt for a quality beard-specific shampoo or cleanser as they are more suitable for more sensitive areas. 

CONDITION: If you’ve got a longer beard, use a special beard conditioner to detangle and soften the hair. Once you’ve cleansed your beard, apply conditioner and leave it in for a few minutes before rinsing. When choosing a conditioner, look for products with natural ingredients such as shea butter or aloe - these are great for softening your beard.

DRY YOUR BEARD: Even though this step is often overlooked, it’s important. Leaving the water in can dry your skin and beard out, causing an itchy beard rash. Gently towel dry your beard after cleansing to soak up the excess water.

MOISTURISE: Moisturising is another important step when tackling an itchy beard rash. Use a quality beard oil or beard balm to soften your hair and nurture the skin underneath. 

BRUSH: Regular brushing will not only give your beard a clean shape and smoother texture but will also train your hairs to grow in the same direction - this will help to avoid ingrown hairs and itchiness. Our BEARDED. boar beard brush is the perfect addition to your daily grooming routine.

There are also times when the itchiness is caused by an underlying medical condition, so if your itching is persistent, you may need to chat to your doc.

Take it easy #beardsmen! 

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