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    Soap & Shampoo

    Soap & Shampoo

    We're stocking some premium beard and beard soaps and shampoo to assist you on your bearded journey.

    Beard soap can be used like a beard shampoo, to wash and refresh your beard as often as it needs.  It also makes a great gift for a bearded loved one.

    A good shave soap works wonders for either tidying up your neck area, or your mo.  We stock some premium shave soaps made right here in Aotearoa.  These soaps are guaranteed to give you the ultimate shaving experience.

    If you've been washing your beard with your wifey's hair shampoo then you've probably found your beard hair dry and itchy and not looking as good as you know that bad boy can look.  It's for this reason that head shampoos are not recommended for regular use on a beard. Hence why we're stocking premium beard shampoos!