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    We're Andy & Tess, the proud owners of BEARDED.  We're just your typical kiwi couple - working hard to make a living.  We're stoked to own a strong brand like BEARDED where the name says it all.
    Why BEARDED? 
    Well if you know us you know we're always up for a challenge. Andy has had more beard styles than Tess has had hair styles! He's definitely into all things beards.  No two days the same for him when it comes to his hair, beard and mo.  Tess loves shopping and organising - so when we crossed paths with BEARDED we were super keen to get on board.  
    Our goal is simple - to bring to our loyal customers quality beard products from around the globe.  We want BEARDED to be the go to for all things beards!  So we'll be working hard to keep our range in tip top shape.
    Can't find what you're looking for? Flick us an email (info@bearded.co.nz) with any questions, suggestions or feedback.  And if you haven’t done so already, follow us on Facebook & Instagram - we'll make it worth your while!
    - Andy & Tess