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The down-low

BEARDED. has been New Zealand's home to premium grooming products since 2014.  Our focus is to provide the BEST brands from around the world and New Zealand to our bearded community.  We want share the knowledge we have gained over the years to help every beardsman grow what nature gave them. Check out our Grooming Blog for some helpful tips, tricks and advice.  

There are now thousands of products available on the market, many which contain synthetic ingredients which will do more harm than good.   

We are very selective when it comes to stocking new brands - we will only stock the best of the best.  All natural, no harmful ingredients. Our products have been hand selected after going through rigorous testing by our reputable beardsmen. 

Need more convincing? Check out our customer reviews from hundreds of loyal beardsmen.

Our brand

In 2018 we embarked on an epic journey of research and development to develop our very own BEARDED. line. When searching for premium brands to stock, it became clear to us that there was a gap in market for premium New Zealand made products. We decided with our wealth of passion and experience, we would fill that gap. 

We make our own BEARDED. products by hand at our Bearded HQ on the Kapiti Coast. What we can't make ourselves, is made by a manufacturing company in the South Island. 

Our team 

BEARDED. is owned by Andy from the Kapiti Coast.

Andy has always been a keen beardsman - he can grow a full beard in a matter of weeks and enjoys trying out different beard styles and products.  When he's feeling really committed, he likes to challenge himself to grow a yeard (a year of uninterrupted growth) and then will happily shave it off and start afresh.  Andy is the man behind the brand - both making the products and packaging all orders.

We have a great team of helpful bearded elves who are tasked with carefully selecting and processing your orders as quickly as possible.  Disclaimer: Not all of our elves have beards. 

Our promise

Despite the continued growth of BEARDED. our priorities have not changed – that is to provide quality products and awesome customer service to our bearded community.

Want to support our journey?

If you love what we do – then let the world know!

The best marketing for us is word of mouth. You have a great experience, you tell a few people. You have a bad one… you tell even more.  We want to provide our customers with an awesome experience so they tell every beardsman they know about BEARDED. So feel free to leave product review on our website, or better yet tell a few peeps about it!

We would also love it if you gave us a follow on Facebook and / or Instagram! It gives us warm fuzzies every time we get a new follower.

After grooming advice?

We're here to help! First, we suggest you check out our Grooming Blog, but if you can't find the answer to your question then email us  

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