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Get your beard blooming this spring

Get your beard blooming this spring

Winter is a great time to let your beard grow as wild and untamed as the weather. However with Spring officially in session, it’s time to give your facial fuzz the spring clean it deserves!

Clean, Condition & Moisturise

With temperatures beginning to climb, you may notice your skin feeling oilier due to an increase in sebum production. 

To combat this, make sure you keep your facial hair clean and smelling fresh.

We recommend investing in a natural beard shampoo or wash. Our BEARDED. Beard Wash is a natural, non-toxic wash designed to protect the skin and hydrate the hair. Its subtle scent of leather, tobacco and amber will leave your beard smelling great too!

Back your beard wash up with our BEARDED. Beard Conditioner to help keep your beard soft, supple, and moisturised, and to ward off the dreaded beardruff. 

If you feel you need extra moisture, add some beard oil to your routine for some added hydration. We have an extensive collection of beard oils from some of the best beard brands in the world, make sure you check them out for yourself.

Get a Fresh Trim

If you’ve been letting your beard grow unfettered during the winter, it could be time to get it in shape, ready for the influx of social gatherings that come with warmer weather and Christmas celebrations (because seriously, silly season will be here before you know it!).

Take the stress out of giving yourself a fresh cut and check out our list of Barbershop Recommendations from all over NZ. They have each received the tick of approval from fellow beardsmen so you can be confident that your beard will be in good hands.

Or, if you’ve got confidence in your steady hands, check out our range of razors, beard scissors, and shaving products, all designed to help you achieve that expertly chiseled look.

Keep it in Check

Just like the hair on your head, your facial hair can benefit from a regular brush.

Whether you prefer a beard comb or beard brush, regular brushing will help nourish your beard by evenly spreading your natural oils, removes debris and also helps combat beardruff build up. 

The warmer, more humid temperatures that come with Spring and Summer may cause your beard to feel drier and less moisturised. If you are in need of that extra moisture, adding a little beard balm can work wonders and can help tame any flyaways you may also be dealing with.

The change of seasons can bring about a lot of changes to your beard and skin, and it can be a frustrating game of trial and error to get the balance of products and care working for you. As always if you are needing any tips or recommendations, we are here to share our knowledge to help get your beard looking its best!

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