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Level up your beard game this Autumn

Level up your beard game this Autumn

Level Up Your Beard Game This Autumn

It's time to get your beard game on point for autumn in New Zealand! With the cooler weather rolling in, now's the perfect time to switch up your grooming routine and give your facial fuzz some extra love. 

So kick back, and check out these essential tips for keeping your beard looking and feeling fresh all season long.

Keep it Hydrated

Just like your skin, your beard needs hydration to stay looking its best. So make sure you're drinking plenty of water to keep both you and your beard feeling fresh.

Try adding in some Pure Marine Collagen which will see your hear looking extra lush. While were going there, add an extra treat for your facial fuzz with a hydrating beard oil? Trust us, your beard will thank you for it.

We recommend our very own BEARDED. Range of Beard Oils that come in a variety of different scents, and will leave your beard feeling hydrated and smelling great!

If you’re after something different though, check out our full range of quality Beard Oils from premium beard product brands from around the world.

Trim Like a Boss

There’s nothing quite like a fresh trim to keep your beard lookin' sharp. Whether you're rockin' a full-on lumberjack vibe or a sleek and sophisticated look, regular trims are key to keeping your beard game strong. 

If you’re feeling confident, investing in a good quality set of Beard Trimming Scissors or a Double-Edge Safety Razor can help you shape and trim your beard to perfection and achieve your desired style.

Or leave it to the professionals and browse our list of Bearded Folk approved Barber Recommendations.

Cleanse Like a Champ

With autumn comes wind, rain, and all sorts of other stuff that can leave your beard looking less than fresh. Keep it clean and lookin' fly by washing it regularly with our award-winning Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

It's like giving your beard a fresh start – and who doesn't love that?

Protect Yo' Beard

Don't let the elements mess with your beard game. Shield your facial fuzz from the wind, rain, and cold with a premium Beard Balm. 

It's like armor for your beard – plus, it'll keep you lookin' cool no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

For a premium quality beard balm, check out our premium range online

Brush Like a Pro

Show your beard some love with a regular brushing. 

Not only does it help keep your facial fuzz lookin' neat and tidy, but it also feels pretty damn good too. So grab yourself a comb or brush and get to work – your beard will thank you for it.

Not sure whether to choose a brush or a comb, or both? Here’s a quick outline of our own BEARDED. Beard Brush and Comb to help you decide.

  • Our BEARDED. Beard Brush is made with all natural boar's bristles, this beard brush will help stimulate the natural oils beneath your beard. It will also assist in spreading beard oils / balms evenly throughout your beard hair.
  • Our BEARDED. Beard Comb is made from natural peach wood and is perfect for taming those hairy whiskers on your face. It also helps get rid of dry skin and lose hairs all while brushing oils through your beard.

Patience Goes a Long Way

Last but not least, remember to be patient with your beard. 

It might take a little time for it to adjust to the changing weather, but hey, good things come to those who wait, right? So sit back, relax, and let your beard do its thing – it's all part of the journey.

So there you have it, fellas – your guide to rocking a killer beard this autumn in New Zealand. So go ahead, embrace the chillier weather, and let your beard do the talking – you've got this!


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