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BEARDED. What is a beard balm and what does it do

Beard Balm: What It Does & Why Your Beard Needs It

When groomed well, a beard can be your greatest asset.

The trick is though, to make your beard look like an intentional choice, not a disaster zone of unruly stray hairs. 

Beard Balm offers the perfect solution. Using it every day, you can treat beardruff (and that unbearable itching), soften your beard, moisturise your skin, and keep your beard hairs looking sharp. 

But to get the most out of your balm, you’ve got to use it correctly.

What is a Beard Balm? 

Beard Balm can be defined as a sort of leave-in conditioner that is used to condition, moisturise as well as soften your beard, removing tangles and knots. 

A balm has a butter base so is a thicker product to an oil.  It takes longer to absorb into the skin, so it also acts as a great styling product, leaving your beard with a spectacular sheen.

How to use Beard Balm

Beard Balms are easy to apply. 

All you need to do is to take a small amount of balm, rub it between your palm and fingers and then apply it to the beard, starting from the neck and working your way up. 

After that, you need to reverse the direction of the motion and run your fingers from top to bottom, ensuring that you spread the balm to the hair root to hydrate and facilitate growth.

We recommend that you apply beard balm after washing and drying the beard. 

The Many Benefits of Beard Balm

When applied correctly as well as regularly, Beard Balm should help the beard stay strong, healthy, and give it shine while promoting healthy growth. 

Here are the six most important benefits of using Beard Balm...

  1. Prevents Beard Dandruff
  2. Prevents Itchy Beard
  3. Protects the Beard from the Elements
  4. Gives Some Volume to your Facial Hair
  5. Helps a Bit in Styling and Taming the Mane
  6. Makes your Beard Look Healthier

Pro Tip: 

As a result of using the Beard Balm, when you run a beard comb or brush through the beard, it will not feel brittle or get tangled up. A beard brush is a great tool for ensuring the even distribution of Beard Balm throughout your beard. 

Check out our range of Beard Balms here.

If you’re wanting to support locally made products, our very own BEARDED. Beard Balms are made using the perfect combination of butters, waxes and natural scents and oils to provide maximum hydration with a medium hold for styling. Available in 6 delicious scents.

 Beard Balm 

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