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The benefits of using unscented beard products

The benefits of using unscented beard products

The popularity of unscented beard products has really grown over the past few years.  That's why we have a number of unscented options for beardsmen looking for a quality product, without the scent. 

Unscented beard products provide a number of benefits, a few which we have noted below:

Great for sensitive skin

It's not uncommon for beardsmen to experience sensitivity on their face.  Beardsmen with sensitive skin can find some scented products cause their skin to become dry and irritated (aka Beardruff).  But that doesn't mean that you can't grow and maintain a luscious looking beard while using premium beard products.  Our range of unscented products contain all natural ingredients, without any essential oils.

A few other pointers for those with sensitive skin:

  • Wash your face with cold water rather than hot to avoid drying the skin out even more. 
  • Try to avoid using a high heat hair dryer on your beard.
  • Use a quality beard oil DAILY.  A beard brush will also help to spread the oils into the skin at the base of the beard.
  • If you wash your beard, make sure you're using a quality beard wash (the PH levels in beard washes vs normal hair washes are different!). 
  • Don't wash too regularly and make sure you rinse all of the beard wash out.

No overlapping scents

While some different scents can work well together (a recent review by Beardsman Brett said he had found a winning combination with The Outlaw Beard Oil and the Urbane Beard Balm), more often than not one dominant scent is preferred.

They won't interfere with your day job

We had an email not so long ago from a beardsmen who was a coffee roaster. They wanted to use some quality beard products, but couldn't use anything scented.  It got us thinking about all of the jobs that people do where scented products are a no no. So for those of you that are in the same boat - we've got you covered!

Perfect for night time beard care 

If you usually shower in the evening, you may want to apply unscented beard oil / balm before you head to bed.  Top tip: you can use an unscented beard oil all over your face!

Customise your own beard oil

If you have a specific aroma you like in a beard oil, but can't find the exact scent - simply add a few drops of preferred essential oil to an unscented beard oil, and voilà, you have your own custom beard oil. 

So if you think unscented products are for you, then check out our range here.

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