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    Apothecary 87 logo
    Founded in 2013 by Sam Martin, Apothecary 87 was born out of a need for more masculine scented beard care products.  Apothecary 87's products are not only focused on beards, but also on shaving and haircare as well.   
    The Original Recipe - the original fragrance. Inspired by the artisan distilleries hidden away during the prohibition, The Original Recipe has been created by blending natural essential oils, to create a perfectly balanced scent. Australian Sandalwood, Frankincense, Rose Geranium, Musk & Patchouli are blended together to give a soothing, yet spicy fragrance that stands out. 
    Vanilla & Mango - formulated to be different. The blend of Vanilla & Mango was created to give men something different, in a world where men were expected to smell like wood or leather. Their Vanilla & Mango fragrance balances perfectly for a gent who wants to stand out from the crowd with a slightly sweeter scent.
    1893 - fragrance is a balance of sweet vanilla & the spicy tones of sandalwood. The perfect blend for a gent to feel calm and relaxed, recreating the feeling of being at the barbershop.
    Apothecary 87 logo