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    New Zealand's Home of Premium Quality Beard and Moustache Grooming Products.

    Nothing makes a statement quite like a great beard. Beards have held their place in mens fashion for years, and despite going through ups and downs in overall "popularity", remain a mainstay for many. 

    Anyone who has made the effort to grow a sizeable beard will understand the grooming challenges involved in the task. It takes a little more than the conscious decision to ditch the razor - it takes time, patience and care to grow & maintain a good beard. On top of that, to keep your beard thick, healthy and styled, products such as beard oil, moustache wax & beard balms become essential.

    It's our goal to provide NZ with the highest quality & most effective beard and moustache grooming products from around the world, offering quick and cost-effective delivery nation wide.  We're starting small, but look forward to growing alongside our ever-growing base of customers, and your ever growing and most fantastic beards.