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    Lamberts Luscious Beard Oils

    Lambert's Luscious is an organic, natural, hand-made range made in New Zealand.  What started out as a small venture in 2013, has grown to an impressive range which is stocked all over the world.


    We stock all three lines of Lambert’s Luscious scents, as well as a natural, unscented beard oil.

    Buccaneer delivers the scent of Bay Rum - the old-time smell of a barber's shop. Barbers have produced Bay Rum for over a hundred years by soaking leaves from the West Indian bay tree in rum, and the method is still used today. It is an invigorating aroma loved by beardsmen and women alike.  With its infusion of Bay Rum, this beard oil is a natural astringent, healing any nicks or cuts from shaving.

    Rugged delivers the scent of the outdoors, to bring out the woodsman in you. Pine and cedarwood essential oils act as natural astringents, cleansing the hair and skin and healing nicks and cuts from shaving.

    Urbane has a sophisticated scent for the gentleman about town. Refreshing and lively, Urbane is perfect for those days when you wish to exude casual confidence, and be remembered.  Patchouli, rose geranium and musk essential oils provide the memorable scent.

    If you have any questions about Lambert's Luscious or their products, email us! We're happy to help. 

    Lamberts Luscious Beard Oils