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Get To Know Your Balls with Ball Butter

Get To Know Your Balls with Ball Butter

People with balls, listen up.

It's officially Men's Health Month, an annual campaign aimed at raising awareness for preventable health conditions and encouraging the early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer for men aged 15 - 39. The good news is the survival rate can be remarkably high when it's picked up early. 

That's why we're encouraging dudes everywhere to check your nuts.

Local legends ‘Two Dudes’ have re-released their renowned Ball Butter to encourage Kiwi dudes to check their bits for signs of testicular cancer.

And we’re stoked to announce that it's now available here at BEARDED

Though this is the first time this product has hit our shelves, since Two Dudes launched their Ball Butter last year it’s proved so popular, it has sold out twice. 

It's a limited edition release, so when it's gone it's gone. 

The moisturiser, which is designed for your dudes downstairs, features sweet almond oil. It's great at healing chapped or irritated skin, and also, who doesn't want to massage their balls with sweet almond oil?

There are no medicinal ingredients in the Ball Butter - it's a simple, nourishing moisturiser designed to be applied daily. 

"The idea is to encourage Kiwi men to get used to what their testicles normally look and feel like, so they're more likely to notice any changes, plus each label has instructions that outline how to check for testicular cancer," said Two Dudes co-founder, Tomas Tappin.

"We wanted to shine a light on a serious issue, so it was great to see Kiwi men get around a good cause. To us it showed that, when approached the right way, men in Aotearoa are willing to engage and talk about their health. 

"Grabbing the topic by the balls, so to speak."

Product label includes instructions on how to check your nuts for testicular cancer.

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