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Should LEVEL 1 mean bye bye beard?-BEARDED.

Should LEVEL 1 mean bye bye beard?

So you've spent lock-down growing your beardly locks and are now considering getting the ol’ razer out. WAIT, DON'T DO IT!  Just think about it first…

When will you get another significant stint of not having to shave for work?

As we have said time and time again, the first few weeks of growth are the hardest. That 5 o’clock shadow is a real turnoff in the professional world.  It takes a minimum of 3 weeks for the little sprouts on your face to look less patchy and more beardly.

Winter is coming

Have you ever shaved your head during winter? If yes, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. I’ve just done this and man do I feel the cold if I’m not wearing a hat.

Your facial hair will help to keep you warm.  It’s as simple as that.

It’s a confidence booster

Ok, this won’t be for EVERYONE, but for the majority, having a manly mane on your face gives you that extra level of confidence. 

We’ve all been through a pretty stressful time over the past few months. So I think any extra comfort and confidence we can get we should be holding on to.

The Health benefits

Your beard acts like a filter – it prevents allergens and other dust from getting into your mouth and nose. This is perfect for all tradies!

In saying that, we do need to stress the importance of properly cleaning your beard, just as you would any other filter. We have a number of great beard soaps and conditioners – so check them out if you’re in need.

Your mane will shave years off your face

Beards help to keep the naturally produced oils on your face – which in turn helps to keep your skin moisturised.  The beard prevents the oils from being rubbed off your face, while protecting the face from the elements like the sun and wind.  So while your forehead will continue to age at a normal rate, you’ll find the skin beneath your beard will be much more healthier and younger looking. So sorry ladies, we blokes have this benefit here!

PRO TIP: For an added level of moisture for your face, as you apply your daily beard oil you should ensure you are rubbing it to the base of the beard so that your face is benefiting from the added oils as well. If you suffer from beardruff, this will help to get rid of it.

You can still maintain that bad boy

We’re not saying no to maintenance at all. In fact we want to encourage you to get out and support your local barber!  Just do your homework first to ensure they know beard grooming.

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If you’re a shaving connoisseur, we have some quality tools to help with your home maintenance and also stock great shaving oils, creams and brushes

If you would prefer to be hands on with the maintenance but are not sure where to start, check out some YouTube tutorials before picking up the razor or scissors.  For example, this tutorial from LiveBearded has some helpful tips

Shameless plug – you’ll be supporting us

We won't deny it – the more beards there are the more support there is for our business. 

We want to continue to provide the best products to the NZ bearded community.

We also appreciate how frustrating it is seeing a product on our shelves, but it’s out of stock! We are busy working to expand both our inventory and product offering, but need your support to continue to grow.

Cheers for the read – and if you have any q’s or want to see specific content in our Grooming Blog, just let us know

Beard on!

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