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Starting your BEARDED. journey-BEARDED.

Starting your BEARDED. journey

Growing a beard can be a daunting task - particularly in the early days when your skin is looking a little dry and your stubble patchy. 

One of the most common things we get asked is "where do I start". So this blog will hopefully give you a bit of direction; but if you need more, just hit us up - we're be happy to answer all your questions!


It's important to note here that not all beards are created equal.  A lot has got to do with genetics – some guys just don't have as much growth as others.  But it’s not all doom and gloom – there are things you can do to help encourage your beard growth.  

Your end goal

First things first, ask yourself what kind of beard do I want? There are so many beard styles out there!  You might not have a specific style in mind, or might be fairly restricted due to work – but either way should try to visualise the type of look you’re going for.  This will help you stay committed through those first few rough weeks.

It's all about testosterone

Another thing to keep in mind is that good hair growth is directly related something called dihydrotestosterone, a chemical synthesized from testosterone.  If you have low testosterone you might find it a little harder than others to grow a thick bushy beard.  If this is the case your doctor might have some suggestions for you or you can look at taking supplements (we would suggest you do your homework before opting for this solution!). 

Prep the surface

Guys often overlook this important step - prepping the skin. This can result in increased itch and beardruff.  So in the lead up to your growth, it will pay to exfoliate and cleanse your skin daily in order to remove dead skin cells from your face.  Follow with a good moisturiser.  

For more info on beardruff, check out this blog.

If you struggle with growth, we would recommend starting with Pure Marine Collagen and our BEARDED. Derma Roller.

Diet & exercise

Regardless of your level of testosterone, by focusing on your health (diet and exercise), you’ll increase your chance of growing a healthy thick beard.  The products we stock don't contain any magic ingredients to thicken hair; however they can aid in promoting hair growth.  There are products on the market that claim to magically increase hair growth tenfold; but these are often full with chemicals that we don't think should be included in cosmetics.  We prefer natural products that you wouldn't mind your kid using too.  By simply focusing on your health and natural supplements, you should see some healthy growth coming through.
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Good things take time

Next up, you need to understand that growing a beard takes time.  You might have a mate who can grow a big hairy ball of fluff in what seems like a few days; but for most, growing a beard is a decent commitment. 
You’ll most likely find it takes about 4-6 weeks for your beard to really take off.  So, put down that old shaver, and resist the urge to shape or groom for as long as possible. The first week will be the hardest - you might get random stubble and beardruff. But hang in there! It will pass.

Quality is everything

Resist the urge to shave, and instead nourish your stubble with some good quality beard wash, beard oils and beard balms.  This will help reduce the itchiness and keep the hair and the skin beneath it nice and hydrated.  
We want to emphasise the word quality here.  Quality products will ensure your beard gets the right nourishment where needed.  Quality beard oils will help to stimulate the growth and promote a healthier, fuller looking beard; while quality beard balms can help to make your beard appear thicker and cover any gaps in the growth, sort of like a facial comb-over. 
In addition, a quality boars brush will help to distribute the oils from these products around your beard, encouraging more even growth around the beard. 
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Leave it to the professionals

Once you’ve achieved a decent amount of growth we suggest you leave the manscaping to your local barber.  They’ll be able to give you some shaving and shaping pointers.  That way, you’re not likely to f*** it up and have to start from scratch.  More often than not you’ll find that men have spent weeks growing their beard, only to have to shave it all off because of an unsuccessful self-taught grooming session.  After that you could invest in some decent beard trimming scissors and a beard comb to keep the maintenance up yourself.
So to summarise, the key to growing an awesome beard:
So say yes to beard washes, oils and balms and resist the urge to trim!  
If you're struggling with patchy growth, check our our Ultimate Growth Kits, or if growth is not a problem yet you're wanting the full package, check out our Ultimate Beard Kits.
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