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When the Urge to Shave Gets Strong

When the Urge to Shave Gets Strong

So you’ve been growing for a while, but the buzz of having a beard is wearing off. Maybe you’ve got a case of the dreaded beardruff? Maybe those grey hairs are a lot more prominent on your face than they are on your head? Or maybe you are getting the cold shoulder because you’re looking a little too rugged?

Whatever the reason, DON’T shave just yet - you have options.


If it’s beardruff you’re suffering from, then shaving isn’t your only option.  There are a few different causes of beardruff, but the treatment is pretty simple.  Check out our blog on beardruff which explains why beardruff can occur, and a few simple things you can do to get rid of it.  It's a good read, even if you don’t get beardruff.

Beardruff blog at BEARDED.

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Are the grey hairs on your head barely noticeable or not even there at all, yet your beard is full of them? Don't worry, it’s normal for guys to be self-conscious about having grey beard hair.  We say OWN IT.  Grey beards are in – just look at George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan and Kurt Russell, or even Beardbrand’s own Greg Berzinsky.  These guys are rocking the grey, much to the envy of many of us.

Bearded Gentlemen for BEARDED blog

But if you're adamant you are not ready to rock those greys, then you could head down to your local pharmacy and grab some mo & beard dye.  We must confess, we haven’t tried this ourselves, but we do know people who have and they were very happy with the results.  If you give it a go and it looks terrible, you can always opt for your back up plan of shaving it off.


If you’re looking a bit too rugged for the Mrs or work, then you might be feeling a bit of pressure to shave it all off.  But before you do, why not have a bit of a groom sesh.

Make sure you’re using an awesome beard oil and/or beard balm regularly.  Beard oils not only provide moisture and nourishment to your beard hair and face, they also smell pretty damn good.  The same goes for a quality beard balm which has the added benefit of providing additional hold to your beard for styling.

If you’re feeling some pressure from your better half to shave, then choose products with a scent you think they'll like... or better yet, ask them.  By including them in the decision-making around your beard care regime, they are more likely to feel on board with the beard.  At least that’s the how we’re told to engage with our kids, so surely it works with adults too, right?

Just remember - it’s OK to trim! In fact, unless you’re on a mission to grow a yeard (a year of uninterrupted growth), we are all for having a regular trim to keep the beard looking sharp and avoid the potential for split ends.  If you're struggling at meal times, then a small trim will help here too - the last thing you want is a mouthful of hair with each bite of food! 

If you’re not confident to trim yourself, head down to your local barbers.  Otherwise, you could watch a couple of YouTube clips on beard trimming and have a go yourself.  If you do this, we suggest you use a quality pair of trimming scissors as well as a quality comb.  If you use your every-day bargain store scissors, you’ll just end up with split ends. So, it pays to invest in quality gear if you are planning to trim yourself.

Beardbrand scizzors from BEARDED.

Beardbrand's Beard Trimming Scissors

Still unsure about whether or not to shave? Just wait a few days.  You don’t want to regret shaving after the fact – as there is no way to stick those hairs back on your face once they’ve been cut off...

Finally, have fun with your beard.  Enjoy it, and spoil it.  It's what God gave you and is something to be proud of.  Not all blokes can grow a beard, so be thankful that you are one who can. 

Check out our range of awesome beard oils, beard balms, moustache waxes, beard washes and conditioners, as well as combs and brushes.  It will make your bearded journey that much more enjoyable.


Beard on!


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