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The ultimate gift guide for a beardsman-BEARDED.

The ultimate gift guide for a beardsman

We field emails almost daily from customers wanting to buy their bearded husband / son / dad / nephew / friend a gift but have no idea where to start. Most of these are from the ladies, so we don't blame them for being confused - I mean, how many husbands would know where to start when it comes to his wife's makeup?  

Anyway, we've put together this blog to provide a bit of guidance here. But if we haven't answered your question, hit us up at - we are happy to help!

Best sellers

The most frequently asked question is around our best sellers. We've listed our top 5 below:

Heavy Duty Beard Balm by Beardbalm

Beardbalm_Heavy Duty Beard Balm

This beard balm is soft and easy to use; it works wonders for shaping, styling and deeply conditioning your beard.  It's the ultimate all-natural beard styling aid and conditioner.   

Buccaneer Beard Oil by Lamberts Luscious

Lamberts Luscious Buccaneer Beard Oil

This beard oil glides through the beard like a charm delivering the scent of Bay Rum, an invigorating aroma loved by beardsmen and women alike. Four kinds of oils including Vitamin E and Jojoba penetrate deep into the hair, softening and moisturising, making your beard manageable.  It's a must have beard oil for sure!

Beard Essentials Kit by Lamberts Luscious

BEARDED. Lamberts Luscious Beard Essentials Kit

This essentials kit is great value for money. Consisting of a beard oil, beard balm, conditioning hair and body bar and rimu beard comb, it really is all you need to get started. Available in three different scents, this is a kit not to miss! Lamberts Luscious products are amazing quality; they are 100% certified organic, fair trade, GE free and handmade in Wellington, NZ.

Scotch Porter Beard Wash & Conditioner

BEARDED_Scotch Porter_Beard Wash & Beard Conditioner

These products will leave your beard feeling awesome!  The Beard Wash protects the skin, while softening and hydrating the beard to the max with aloe, burdock root and nettle leaf; while the Beard Conditioner provides a next-level deep conditioning beard treatment.  It softens and strengthens the hair from the root to the tip, preventing shedding and breakage - ideal for dry or coarse beards.

Beardbrand Boars Hair Brush

BEARDED Brush and Combs

This is an absolute essential for any beardsman.  The surface of each boars bristle is scaly and draws dust and excess product from the hair as you use it. The bristles also stimulate the natural oils (sebum) present in the scalp, and draws them along the hair shafts, essential for keeping hair clean, healthy, shiny, and protected.

The best gift pack

We have a number of gift packs / bundles available to buy - but our go to gift pack would be our Ultimate Beard Kit.

BEARDED Ultimate Beard Kit

This pack consists of a few of our favourite products - from various brands.  We initially packaged it as a giveaway and the ladies went crazy wanting to buy one for their special beardsman. So we loaded it up on the website and it's been a hit.  Packaged in a BEARDED. branded gift box and tissue paper, it really is a great pack. 

We know it's hard picking a specific scent for someone else (kind of like buying a perfume!); so a few different scents have been included.  This pack won't disappoint.

For the newly bearded

We would recommend the Ultimate Beard Kit featured above for any new beardsman. But we appreciate this is a super generous gift! So if you're looking for something that will put less of a dent in the ol' wallet, you will never go wrong with a quality beard oil.

BEARDED. Brooklyn Grooming Beard Oils  

Our oils range from $30-49, and while there is a big price difference here, all are great quality oils. Ultimately it will come down to what scent you think he will like best.

All of our oils sell well, however our most popular scents are Lamberts Luscious Buccaneer and Beardbrand Tree Ranger.

Shop all oils here.

For the accomplished beardsman

If possible, we would suggest you take a look at what he already uses to give you an idea about what he might like. But if he doesn't yet use product or you just don't know what he uses, then we suggest you opt for a beard wash and/or conditioner.  Beard washes are great for longer beards - it will keep the beard feeling clean, soft and hydrated. Our go to would be the Beardbrand Wash and Softener Bundle (available in three scents):


For the mo-man

We talk a lot about beards here at BEARDED; but that doesn't mean the mo is any less important! 

For the mo-man, we would obviously recommend a moustache wax. But the type depends on the mo.  If it's in need of a good hold, then we would suggest a wax from either the Lamberts Luscious range or the Apothecary87. Beyond that, we think it really comes down to a preference of scent as they all have about the same hold.

And a good mo comb does go hand in hand with a good mo wax! Our Brooklyn Grooming Beard & Moustache Combs are the biz.

For dry, course beards

We would recommend two products here - a beard oil and a beard conditioner / softener. Any beard oil will do (see above). For super dry beards, we would recommend the Scotch Porter Leave In Beard Conditioner which gives a next level conditioning treatment.  

BEARDED Scotch Porter Beard Conditioner

For patchy beards

Some ingredients in our products have been known to promote growth.  Any beard oil would be great (see above). But also Scotch Porter's beard wash includes burdock root and nettle leaf which will also help here.

To tame the untameable

100% our heavy duty beard balm and a boars hair brush!

For sensitive skin

Our products don't contain any harmful chemicals. But in saying that, some beardsmen have really sensitive skin - so here we would recommend an unscented product like Lamberts Luscious Natural Beard Oil

What's better - a beard oil or beard balm?

Read here

Andy's #1 must have

Now that's a hard one as Andy loves all our products - otherwise we wouldn't stock them. However, his go to oil is the Lamberts Luscious Urbane Beard Oil mainly because of its awesome scent. He's a massive fan of the Scotch Porter Beard Conditioner as it leaves his hair feeling nice and soft. And the Heavy Duty Beard Balm by Beardbalm does wonders in taming his mane. So that's 3 - sorry we couldn't list just one!

And finally,

Don't forget our BEARDED. gift cards

Still stuck? 

Yep, there's a bit to digest above. So if you're stuck, you can never go wrong with a gift voucher. Starting at just $25, we have e-vouchers to suit all budgets.

This is also the perfect gift if you are a little bit tardy, leaving your gift buying to the last minute - our e-vouchers will be emailed to you instantly.


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