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Beard vs Humidity – How to fight the effects of Humidity on your Beard

Beard vs Humidity – How to fight the effects of Humidity on your Beard

The great kiwi summer is in full swing, and we cannot get enough of the warm weather, road trips and summer bbqs.

However, with the summer season bringing hot and humid weather, you may have noticed your beard beginning to resemble tumble weed with increased dryness and brittle hair that is in need of a little TLC…

But STOP, put down the razor! There are ways to prevent the unruliness caused by this humid summer weather that don’t involve shaving it all off and starting again because believe us, we have all been there…

First of all, we have to understand why this happens.

So, what is humidity and why does it affect your beard?

Humidity is the level of moisture that is in the air. During the summer months, moisture evaporates into the air making it feel wet and heavy.

Our hair strands and follicles absorb moisture that’s in the air causing them to bloat, this causes frizz which is a state in which our hair strands are swollen with moisture. While moisture is generally a good thing, too much of it can have an undesired effect.

Dry, coarse and thick hair (like the hair that many of us grow in our beards) is more prone to frizz than hair that is fine and thin. Hair that is dry and course craves moisture, so it soaks up whatever moisture is in the air. As there is more moisture in the air when we are experiencing humid weather, our beards soak up that extra moisture causing the frizz.

How do you prevent your beard from getting so unruly in the humid summer heat?

Now we know why it happens, we can learn how to prevent it.

Follow these tips to achieve the beard of your dreams, even through the hotter months:

No 1: Hydration

As we mentioned before, the less moisture your beard naturally has, the more it will absorb from the air, therefore the best way to prevent frizz is to hydrate your beard more than you normally would during the hotter months.

If you’re already applying beard oil daily, try applying twice a day. We have a fantastic selection of beard oil available in our shop including our own BEARDED. branded oils in 6 different scents.

If you are new to beard oil, you can even try our Beard Oil Samples to get a sense of how they work and which scent you prefer before committing to a full sized bottle.

No 2: Trimming Those Split Ends

Split ends only serve to make that summer frizz look a hundred times worse, and once those strands become swollen those split ends only stick out more.

Keep on top of the split ends by trimming regularly. It will help you in the long run.

To trim your beard yourself:

  • Start by combing your beard.
  • Use Scissors to trim pesky long hairs and split ends.
  • Don’t trim horizontally to the ground. Instead, follow the shape of your face to create a natural and polished look.

We highly recommend trimming with Beardbrand Beard Trimming Scissors which have been crafted from Japanese-made 4034 stainless steel with a hardness rating of 55-56 (nearly at professional hair cutting scissors quality level).  We think these are some of the best grooming shears on the market.

Our Beard Grooming Bib is also a great addition to your beard grooming equipment, allowing for a mess-free trim simply by fitting it to your bathroom mirror with its handy suction cups.

But if you would rather leave the trimming to the professionals (we totally get it), then check out our list of Barbershop Recommendations for barbers who we know will leave your beard feeling tidy and refreshed. 

No 3: Avoid Dry-Brushing and Combing

It can be tempting to brush out or comb your extra-fuzzy facial fuzz when it’s feeling a little bushy but running a comb or brush through a dry beard can actually lead to more frizz as it can damage the protective cuticles, leaving them open to more moisture in the air.

Instead, try brushing or combing your beard immediately after washing, while it’s still dripping wet, or while it has conditioner in it as the moisture seal in your conditioner will protect your strands from damage. If you're in desperate need of a brush throughout the day, then apply some beard oil or balm to your beard hair just prior to brushing.

Don't have a beard brush? Check out our BEARDED. Beard Brushes here.

Get out there and enjoy the summer!

You don’t have to let humidity hamper your beard goals. Following these simple tips will keep your beard looking magnificent no matter how hot it gets!

If you have any questions or would like any further tips and advice, get in touch with us! We are always happy to share our knowledge with our fellow beardsmen.

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