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Three Steps to a Well Trained Beard

Three Steps to a Well Trained Beard

Some days, it feels as if our beards have a mind of their own, with strands that defy gravity or the laws of motion in general!

We’ve all been there, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. With a few simple tips, you can tame the unruly beard beast and have it grow the way you want it to!

So, what do we mean by training your beard?

While it's not possible to permanently alter the direction of your hair growth, you can establish a consistent beard care routine to train and adjust the direction of your beard's growth.

Three Steps to a Well-Trained Beard

Step 1: Brush or comb your beard daily

Just like the hair on your head, your beard will benefit from consistent brushing. Brushing your beard helps to evenly distribute your natural oils, as well as your beard care products (such as beard oil) through your beard, making it easier to style and train.

We recommend a good quality beard brush with a large surface area and dense bristles that will create friction and grab the hairs to keep them in line.

Our BEARDED. Beard Brush is made entirely of natural boar's bristles, which will stimulate the natural oils beneath your beard. The bristles are soft enough not to irritate your skin, but tough enough to get to the base of the beard hairs to dislodge any dry, flaky skin.

Though a beard brush is more effective for training your beard hairs, we recommend also having a beard comb in your beard kit to detangle any intertwined beard hairs, especially for those with longer beards. Beardbrand’s Pocket Beard Comb fits easily in your pocket or grooming bag and is made from Italian cellulose, which is durable and won’t produce static.

Step 2: Use Beard Grooming Products

Adding a selection of beard grooming products to your beard care routine will give you the best results when taming those unruly beard hairs.

  • Beard Wash: We recommend that you wash your beard 2-3 times per week to keep it clean and easy to work with.
Beardbrand Utility Wash comes in a huge 414ml bottle that will last you for months! It has been formulated with no harsh sulphates and has been created as a simple and versatile cleanser for your beard, hair, and face.
  • Beard Conditioner / Softener: Beard conditioner / softener can be used either daily or once or twice a week to give your beard hairs extra weight and moisture to tame those fly-aways.
Beardbrand Utility Softener also comes in Beardbrand’s new supersized bottle. It is a versatile beard and hair conditioner that restores hydration lost from showering and helps strengthen hair follicles, preventing breakage.
  • Beard Oil: Beard oil keeps your skin hydrated and helps prevent your beard hairs from drying out, making them easier to detangle, tame and style.
Beardbrand Utility Oil is another supersized bottle of liquid gold and is all you’ll ever need to keep your beard, hair, and skin hydrated, nourished and smelling amazing!
  • Beard Balms or Wax: Beard balms and waxes are designed for a firm hold and will lock beard hairs into place, allowing you to style as you please and tame those wild stray hairs.
Beardbrand Utility Balm is the ultimate do-it-all product that will give you more control of those pesky fly-aways. As an added bonus, the Utility Balm can work miracles on dry skin and adds shine and vigour to fully healed tattoos!

Step 3: Have a bit of patience and find the ideal balance between trimming and growing

Whether it’s the hair on your head or your beard, when it comes to growth, both gravity and patience play a big part in achieving the style you desire. The longer your hair grows, the more weight there will be to help your beard grow in the direction you want it to go.

Your beard will undoubtedly require trimming and tidying from time to time, but don't overdo it. On days when you do need to trim, avoid cutting off every single stray hair and instead concentrate on trimming the split ends while doing your best to wrangle your healthy strays with your brush or comb. Growing takes time, so if you chop too much off, you’ll be in for a longer wait to get the beard you desire.

Step it up: Take Collagen Daily

Adding Collagen daily routine has several beard growth benefits:

  • It supports hair growth, density and texture,
  • It improves scalp and follicle health,
  • And it hydrates your skin (better skin means less Beardruff!)

We recommend Pure Marine Collagen by STRAND. It is an odourless powder made from 100% Pure Hydrolysed Marine Collagen.

Simply add a scoop daily into your morning tea or coffee. It dissolves instantly and has no flavour, so you won’t even know you’re having it! A small and painless commitment to make for a healthier beard!

Final words of encouragement
A perfectly styled beard doesn’t happen overnight; it takes patience, a consistent routine, and of course, the correct products.  Our goal at BEARDED. is to provide you with both the tools and the knowledge to achieve your dream beard.  You just need to bring the patience.  #beardon

We hope you've found our blog helpful, but if you have any questions, we're just an email away.  

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