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Four steps to achieving that perfectly styled mo

Four steps to achieving that perfectly styled mo

How do you properly apply Mo Wax?

It is a question we are asked often…

Whatever style you’re going for, knowing how to properly apply wax to achieve a perfectly styled mo is a skill every Mo-brother needs.

With this in mind, and in honour of Movember, we felt it was high time that we provided some tips on how to properly apply moustache wax.

Step 1: Start with a clean slate

We recommend always starting with a clean, dry moustache to get the best results. You wouldn’t wax a wet car would you? Same goes for your mo – make sure that bad boy is dry.

Step 2: Warm the wax

The key ingredient in a mo wax is the wax itself. This is what differentiates a mo wax from a beard balm.  Whatever brand of wax you’re using, most issues seem to occur because the wax isn’t warm enough.

Use one of these three methods to properly heat your mo wax:

  1. The first method is simple. Keep your mo-wax in your pocket and let your body heat do the soften the wax as you go about your day, perfect for a touch up before a night out!
  2. While you’re getting ready for work or a night out, run the tin under hot water to soften the wax.
  3. Haven’t got time to wait for hot water or body heat? Use a hairdryer on it’s lowest setting on the opened tin of wax and move the dryer over the tin in a figure of eight. NB: Be careful not to overheat your wax using this method. You don't want it as a runny liquid, you just want to soften it a little.  So make sure you check the wax regularly and stop heating when the wax has become soft.

If you’re experiencing a dandruff like effect when you apply your mo wax, it’s an indication that you haven't warmed it enough. So give it another go.

Step 3: Scrape some wax from the tin

  1. Using your thumbnail or one of our balm & wax picks, scrape about a grain of rice of the warm wax from the tin.
  2. Transfer to your finger tips.
  3. Rub the wax between your index finger and thumb until it is soft and pliable.

If you’ve warmed the wax correctly above, but still finding it difficult to apply, try using a smaller amount – repeating the process as required.

Step 4: Apply the wax

Apply the wax to your moustache by starting at the middle and work through to the tips. Take care not to pull your hairs too hard.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have achieved the desired style.

Mo Wax Recommendations

There are a hoard of Moustache Wax options available online, but how do you know it will be a good one? All of our products are tried and tested by real beardsmen so you can be sure you’re buying a quality product from BEARDED.

Here's a rundown on some of the brands we stock:


Stray hairs, beware. Beardbrand Mustache Wax is made with beeswax and lanolin and provides a medium hold perfect for creating a naturally-styled mustache. It’s not a high-hold wax, so it won’t give you a stiff 'stache. But, it will give you a free-flowing mustache curl in the style of Wyatt Earp.

Available in three epic scents: Tree Ranger, Temple Smoke and Old Money.


Can You Handlebar

Whether you’re looking for a medium or firm hold from your moustache wax, Can You Handlebar has you covered.

If you're looking for an everyday wax with a medium hold, their Primary Moustache Wax is for you. It is ideal for a more loose, natural brushed look while still keeping your moustache up and away from your mouth.

For a stronger hold, take a look at their Secondary Moustache Wax. It can be used to provide an uncompromising, all-day hold for whatever style you're going for.

They are scent free for no fuss styling excellence.


For that perfect handlebar or the classic twist of an English gentleman’s Moustache, the Kinsman GOAT firm hold wax is the ideal choice.

Kinsman's GOAT Moustache Wax gives a subtle scent of lavender, peppermint, vanilla and geranium.  Their formulation includes a small amount of pure essential oils to fragrance their beard oils.  Reducing fragrance load means it is a subtle compliment to your beard that won’t overpower your senses.

Lamberts Luscious

Lambert’s Luscious moustache waxes are super hard allows the ultimate day and night-long moustache sculpting experience.

It comes in three varieties with three different scents:

  • Rugged – Fresh forest scent of pine and cedarwood
  • Buccaneer – Bay Rum, the old-time smell of a barber’s shop
  • Urbane – Sophisticated scent of patchouli, rose geranium and musk essential oils

Check out all Mo Waxes here: 

Still having trouble? We’re here to help.

If you have any questions about any of our products, or how to make the most of your facial fuzz, feel free to reach out to us at

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