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Beard wash - FAQs

Beard wash - FAQs

Do I really need a beard wash / beard shampoo?

We get asked this question almost daily.  Some blokes have never used a beard wash in their lives and wouldn’t have it any other way. But for others (including us) washing the beard with a quality beard wash is an important part of the beard care routine.    

Beard washes are particularly useful for those with longer beards; tradies and those who work around dust and other small particles; or beardsmen with dry, sensitive skin.  Most likely if you’re reading this blog then you fall into one of these categories – so yes, you should definitely be using a quality beard wash.

Beard Washes at BEARDED.

Just to be clear, we don’t recommend using a beard wash over a beard oil and/or beard balm – it should be in addition to. If you’re only wanting to use ONE beard product, then buy yourself a beard oil – it’s an essential product every beardsman should have.  For more info on beard oils, check out our blog on The Benefits of Beard Oils

Anyway, back to beard washes…

Can I use my head hair shampoo on my beard?

More often than not guys will start using a head hair shampoo on their beard – and while this can initially leave the beard feeling soft and fluffy, the damage it’s doing will soon become apparent.

Many store-bought head hair shampoos contain harmful ingredients (e.g. sulfates) that you don’t want on your face.  Even those that contain organic, natural ingredients are still no good for your facial hair.  That’s because they are specifically designed for the hair on your head. 

You’ve probably noticed there are a few differences between your head hair and your facial hair? If you don’t wash your head hair often enough it becomes oily. But after washing with a shampoo, the unwanted oils are gone, leaving your hair soft and shiny.  However, your facial hair doesn’t produce the same amount of oils as your head hair, so using a head hair shampoo on your beard will only strip the natural sebum oils from the hair and skin, leaving it dry and flaky (cue the beardruff). 

A quality beard wash has been specifically designed for facial hair – the combination of natural ingredients are formulated to clean pollutants from your beard, whilst keeping the skin properly hydrated. 

Are beards really that dirty?


“Beards are dirtier than a toilet seat”
“All beards contain poo particles”
"Beards are full of germs"

We’ve heard it all!  But you know what – as long as you're practicing proper hygiene, then it will be no dirtier than your face.  If you touch your beard every 5 minutes (like someone I know!!), you just need to make sure you’re regularly washing your hands.  In saying that, there will be a build-up of dust, bacteria and dead skin cells in your beard – which is why we would recommend all beardsmen use a beard wash. 

How regularly should I wash my beard?

Washing your beard should only be done a few times a week.  Some brands recommend daily use, but unless you’re working in really dirty conditions, we would suggest you wash your beard no more than every second day.  Under-washing or over-washing can cause your beard to become dry and flaky, even if you’re using a quality beard wash.  So if you are just starting out with a beard wash, use it once or twice a week and increase from there as required.

Any tips for beard washing?

Believe it or not we get asked this too! So we thought we should include a quick run down on washing your beard.

Start with a wet beard, then gently rub a small amount of beard wash through the beard and thoroughly rinse out.  If you have dry or course hair, follow with a beard conditioner / softener.  For extra nourishment, give Scotch Porter's Leave In Beard Conditioner a try! 

Avoid drying your beard with a towel as the rough surface of a bath towel can snag beard hair and cause unnecessary frizz. Pro tip from our mates at Scotch Porter: Use an old cotton t-shirt or microfiber cloth and squeeze firmly and gently.  

So there you have it - hopefully we've convinced you to honour your beard with a quality beard wash. But at the very least, if you've been using a head hair shampoo we hope you'll stop! 

What beard wash is best?

We rate all of our beard washes so the answer to this is really whatever one you like! Our beard washes come in different sizes, scents and price - so have a browse and find what one works best for you.  Many beardsmen prefer to have matching scents with their beard products - so buying a beard kit can be a cost effective option.

As always - any questions just email us

Cheers & beard on!

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