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Your Winter Beard Style Guide

Your Winter Beard Style Guide

If you feel like getting adventurous with your beard this winter, let this be your guide to the many different ways you can style your facial fuzz!

How many beard types are out there?

It might be hard to believe, but there are actually over 27 different types of beards out there! We won’t be highlighting each one here, but have selected a few of our favourites.

Scruff or 5 O’clock Shadow

A simple but classic style that can be achieved by simply not shaving for a couple of days.

It's essential that you start with a good base - that means prepping your skin well before your planned growth. 

If you want to maintain this style, grow your beard for a couple of days then use a good trimmer on a low setting to keep your facial fuzz the optimum length.

The Goatee

If your beard hair tends to grow patchy, a goatee can be a great solution as it can be trimmed to be think or thin depending on how your facial hair grows.

It is the most popular and versatile chin beard style and can be grown long or short depending on the look you’re going for!

A variation of the goatee is the circle beard that can be achieved by simply connecting your moustache and beard to form a circle around your mouth.

The Corporate Beard

This well maintained, trimmed style will level up your corporate look and truthfully wouldn’t look out of place anywhere!

To achieve this look you’ll need some patience as it could take a few weeks to reach the cover and length you need. Invest in a good quality beard oilbeard comb and trimming scissors, as you’ll need these to carefully maintain the crisp lines and proper shaping regularly.

The Long Beard

If you’re after that wise, wizardly look, the long beard could be for you!

There are many different long beard looks to choose from all of which require patience and care to grow out your beard to the desired length.

Whatever length you are going for, the trick is to keep your beard clean, smooth and healthy.

This means:

    Mutton Chops

    You  can’t get much more iconic than the humble (or not so humble) mutton chops.

    If you’re in search of a style that will have you standing out from the crowd, mutton chops are the way to go.

    Think of them as a ‘reverse goatee’ where you grow out a long, full beard then shave off the section where a goatee and moustache would be. They can be thick, thin, sparse or full so don’t be scared to have a play around to see which look works for you!

    The Yeard

    As the name suggests, the yeard is a beard that is grown for at least a full year of uninterrupted growth. Most people start their yeard growth at the start of the year, but the colder months also make it a great start point as it’ll give your face an extra layer of warmth in the cooler weather.

    While you should avoid any major cuts, it is important to still trim away split ends and fly-aways to maintain healthy beard growth.

    Similar to the long beard, it is also important to maintain a regular beard care routine to keep your yeard clean, healthy and conditioned all year round.

    For more tips on growing a yeard, check out our blog post.

    We hope this guide serves as some inspiration to the bearded blokes out there looking to try something new.

    It is entirely up to you how you choose to style your beard, and it takes a lot of trial and error to find a look that is right for you so have fun experimenting!

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