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Top Tips on Growing Your Moustache-BEARDED.

Top Tips on Growing Your Moustache

A good mo doesn't just grow on it's own. Good facial hair growth comes down to patience, diet & exercise and proper maintenance. You can read more about this in our our blog on starting your bearded journey.

Get your skin looking and feeling good from day dot

This part is often overlooked by guys wanting to grow a manly mane / 'stache, but is probably one of the most important foundations to healthy growth - you need to ensure your skin is as healthy as possible from the outset.
We suggest you have a daily routine for at least a week in the lead up to the start of your growth - using your favourite scrub and a cleanser.  This will remove all of the dead skin cells, and put some moisture back into the healthy cells.  It will also stimulate the hair follicles to give you the best chance of healthy growth.  You can even start applying a quality beard oil to your skin at this stage, as beard oil is not only good for the facial hair but the skin as well.

Wash & Condition

Once the growth starts to come through, you'll benefit from regularly washing and conditioning your facial hair. This will help with the itching at the early growth phase and keep the hair clean and hydrated. You can view our range of beard washes and conditioners here.

Oils do wonders

Beard oils condition & hydrate your beard hair, keeping the hair healthy and "fed" as it grows, whilst preventing flakes or dandruff as the beard grows longer. They are also great for treating the skin beneath the beard, lessening itchiness and keeping the skin moisturised & healthy.  Beard oils are just as important for your moustache as they are for your beard and should be used daily. You can read our more detailed blog on the benefits of oils here and view our range of beard oils here.



Wax that 'stache

Once your moustache becomes longer than your lip, you'll really want to start molding it to grow in the right direction.  A quality moustache wax will be your best friend here and will allow you to style and control the mo, as most importantly it will keep it out of your mouth.  But be careful not to go overboard on the wax - start small and build up.

We stock an awesome range of good quality moustache waxes - with scents to suit all types of men.

Trim that 'stache

Before long you'll find your moustache is getting quite long and inconveniently present at meal times. Unless you're going for a full handlebar look, then you'll need to give your moustache a bit of a trim from time to time.  You can either go down for your regular session at your local Barbers, or you can invest in some good quality trimming scissors.
PRO TIP: make sure your 'stache is dry when you give it a trim - wet hair is heavy and sits differently than dry hair, so if you cut it when it's dry you'll get a better idea of the length you want. 

Tame that beast

An important part of growing your ultimate 'stache is training it to grow and look the way you want it to. Whether it be a full handlebar or the walrus, you'll need to put some work in.
Brushing / combing your facial hair is the best way to tame the hair follicles and train them to grow the right way. Brushing also helps spread the oils evenly through the hair. 
For extra styling, you can even bring out the big guns and blow dry it... 
Check out our range of brushes and combs here.
If you follow the above tips, you'll no doubt have a pretty awesome mo!  We'd love to see how your growth is going so tag us on Facebook or Instagram!
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